Media Strategy

The media strategy formulates the media targets and media target groups.  The media strategy is at the heart of your media policy!

Knowledge and experience in the field of business administration, marketing, communication and, of course, media are essential for the translation of your marketing communication objectives. We are happy to help you develop a media strategy to get the most out of your campaign!

What can you expect from us?

iTV Media develops creative and targeted media strategies for different types of companies with different products and services:

Small and medium-sized businesses

We specialize in the 'SME' segment. Our personal approach and our knowledge of SME's allow us to provide added value in many areas.


We make 500 million decisions every day, 5% which we are only aware of. Neuromarketing is a relatively new look at influencing consumer behavior, based on scientific studies of the brain.


Wij zetten alles op alles om het gewenste resultaat te bereiken. Heb je interesse in het ontwikkelen van een gedegen en resultaatgerichte mediastrategie? We bespreken graag de mogelijkheden met je!