Cinema advertising: imagine...

You are a night out and are sitting in a modernly decorated cinema in front of a huge screen. You are anxiously waiting for the movie to begin and all your attention is focused on the silver screen. The lights dim, the room is silent. The first thing you see are the advertisements of national advertisers or companies from the immediate area. What does it do to you?

Cinema advertising, a smart choice?

Advertising on the movie screen in movie theaters has a positive impact not only on sales but also on the value of a business. What makes cinema advertising so interesting is that it has great impact. The combination of sound, environment and big picture makes cinema powerful and impactful. It is an experience. This makes it a valuable medium.

Despite the many streaming services, people still continue to visit the cinema. After all, it is a night out and it is a popular leisure activity for a very wide audience. Besides, the latest of the latest movies really do come to theaters before they can be viewed elsewhere.

Therefore, with your 10-second commercial you reach not only target groups such as young people, parents with children, two-income earners and the elderly, but also students, start-ups and individuals from the business world.

Want to know if cinema advertising is for you?