Media Purchasing 

Media purchasing is a crucial phase of the process

Media purchasing is a crucial phase of the process. iTV Media has a lot of experience in media purchasing and media execution. It's  even one of our most important specialisms! It does not matter whether it concerns TV, radio, online, mobile, social media, print or outdoor. Do you want to reach your commercial target group effectively? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Media purchasing is part of our core business!

TV Media has been purchasing for its customers at a favorable rate for years, so media purchasing is part of our core business. We have close contacts with media operators and publishers and we ensure that we are always aware of the latest developments. How can we offer such a favorable rate? Simple, because of our long-standing relationships and the high volumes that we purchase! This means media can be purchased very efficiently.

What can you expect from us?


Attention and decisiveness for every budget

We pay particular attention to the wishes from our clients. The aim is to achieve of our customers' goals, regardless the size of the budgets. Flexibility and responding commercially to development is part of our core values.

Media executiom

Media execution means that in addition to physical purchasing, we can also take care of the placement of all advertising materials. The material will then be sent to the correct media/printer by your advertising agency and/or your designer in collaboration with iTV Media.

Media administration

TV Media can assist you with the entire administrative process with all media operators and publishers. We work completely transparently and invoicing and payments are made via iTV Media.